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Yule Christmas and New Year Temperance Flute Walk at Inverallochy Cairnbulg and St Combs

Information about the 3 day annual temperance walk held at the Buchan Rathen coast villages of Inverallochy Cairnbulg and St Combs where the walkers are led by flute players

Each year the North East of Scotland Aberdeenshire villagers of Inverallochy, Cairnbulg and St Combs take part in a temperance walk to shake off the winter cobwebs. Each village in the Buchan Rathen Coast takes turns to host the walk which has been happening for over 160 years.

The history of these walks dates back to an evangelical time in the villages when they were regenerated after a bad period during the 19th Century when there was much village fighting and drunkenness which only ended after an outbreak of cholera in 1847. After this epidemic the communities grew and turned to religion. The tradition of the temperance walks started at this time.

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The walkers are led by a flute band and the first villagers to follow them are always the oldest man in the village and a female partner.

Inverallochy Walk

Inverallochy host the first walk which is always held on Christmas Day.

Cairnbulg Walk

The village of Cairnbulg hold the second walk on New Year's Day.

St Combs Walk

The third and last walk takes place on the 2 January at St Combs. In the earlier days of the walks it took place on the 5 January.

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