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Where To Go For A Tan In A Salon In Aberdeen, Scotland

Aberdeen is nicknamed the sunny city and does get its fair share of lovely sunshine (honest!). But for those who want to top up your tan the easy way here's some tanning salons throughout Aberdeenshire


Tanarama in Aberdeen have a stand up tan booth where you can get an all over magic tan spray which is 100% UV free, leaving you with a rich golden tan which is suitable for all skin types. All you do is step into the booth where you will get gently sprayed with a fine mist of quality tanning solution. All in under a minute.
Tanarama also have traditional lie down sun beds.
For those who prefer to apply their tanning solution at home Tanarama sell magic tan spray in a can to spray yourself.

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Tanarama also offers beauty therapy such as waxing, facials and body wraps. There is a hair salon which specialises in bridal hair styling.

Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday 1000 - 2000 hours
Friday 1000 - 1900 hours
Saturday 1000 - 1700 hours
Sunday 1200 - 1600 hours

Contact Address And Telephone Number Of Tanarama

Tanarama Hair and Beauty Salon
21 - 25 South Mount Street
AB25 2TN

Tel: (01224) 621441


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