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Whack A Haggis Game

Hit the bad haggi to score points in the fun Whack A Haggis from About Aberdeen and avoid hitting the good ones during this pop up hunt and splat game

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Use the mouse of your computer or finger on your phone to give the haggis a whack during this hunting game. Aim to hit the angry bad looking ones who are coloured red.

Try and avoid hitting the friendly tartan bonnet clad ones or he will give a wee squeak and take a point off your score.

Variations include splat the haggis and haggis hunting game.

Disclaimer - None were harmed in the making of it and will be released back into the wild after the haggis whacking season - just in time for the haggis hunting season!

We love haggi and ask you not to go out into the Scottish countryside wacking any friendly animals. If you do go though you might find our haggis recipe at our other website at

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