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Tryggve Gran Monument in Cruden Bay

Tryggve Gran and Captain Scott

Trygvve Gran Cruden Bay Memorial Tryggve Gran was a Norwegian skier who was in the search party who found Captain Scott's body from the expedition to the South Pole. He assisted in burying Scott's body and used his own skies to mark the grave and used Scott's skis to travel home, to signify that Scott would complete the expedition.

Tryggve Gran Flight From Aberdeenshire To Norway

In 1914 Trygvve Gran was serving as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps when in June he expressed a desire to fly his plane, Ca Flotte, from Scotland to Norway. He chose Peterhead as his departure point with Stavanger as his destination - he reasoned that if he flew over this steamship route he'd stand a chance of being picked out of the sea should he have to ditch the plane!

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On July the 17th his plane was transported to Cruden Bay from the field he had originally planned to take off from because off thick fog. The long stretch of beach at Cruden Bay afforded him a better runway with a clear view.

There are photos of Ca Flotte and the Tryggve Gran flight from Cruden Bay in the book Old Cruden Bay and Port Erroll: Whinnyfold, Boddam and Buchanhaven by Jim Buchan.

Commemorative Service

Tryggve Gran returned to Cruden Bay in 1967 to attend a commemorative service at the Parish Church.

The granite and copper monument was made by pupils of the Robert Gordon's College in Aberdeen.

The centenary of the first flight was celebrated in Cruden Bay with a two low flying fly past by pilots Per Hoyland and Hakon Fasso in a microlight planes to Jaren, Soth of Stavanger in Norway. One board was a limited edition bottle of Trygvve Gran whisky, only 60 bottles are still in existence. They were followed by a second plane which had Hermann Gran, the son of Tryggve Gran, aboard, along with Norwegian dignitaries.

The Port Erroll Harbour Fish Festival also celebrated the centenary on August 23 2014.

How To Get To The Tryggve Gran Monument

Directions - From Aberdeen take the A90 towards Peterhead. There are several turn off to the right for Cruden Bay. Taking the A975 takes you through the picturesque surroundings of Newburgh where you will be rewarded with sightings of herons and swans. Once at Cruden Bay continue down towards the main town and follow the signs for the harbour. At the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel turn right onto Main Street and continue down where it joins Harbour Street, the monument and benches can be seen on the grassed area on the right.

Facilities At Cruden Bay

There is ample parking right opposite the monument and public toilets are across the road. There are nearby convenience stores and a Post Office. The Kilmarnock Arms Hotel and pub can be found a short walk away, and has a range of fine ales, wine and food. A longer walk across the hills takes you to Slains Castle ruins.

Cruden Bay Wall Painting.

Cruden Bay Hotels.

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