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The Cocket Hat Pub Aberdeen and Ghost Story

The lounge bar of the Cocket Hat is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of former landlord John Walker.

He was first seen by barmaid Agnes McInnes in May 1973, 14 years after his death. She had locked up for the night and had been cleaning the toilets. When she came out she saw a man standing quietly wearing a long coat and a hat with its brim turned up. She went to the bar, then returned to the man, who was now gone. Agnes then rushed to her manager who was in the kitchen. They looked around the building for the man, but couldn't find him. Upon describing him to her manager, Alex Cormack, he knew it could only be John, who dressed that way. Agnes had never met John and was only a wee bairn when he died. Alex looked around the building once more when Agnes went home, though he could find no sign of the ghost, his dog, who would normally accompany him on his regular round, refused to come with him.

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John Walker used to own the Harriet Street Bar, which is now closed. When he opened the Cocket Hat it was the first bar to be opened since World War Two.

Since his first appearance many staff have experienced a presence in the lounge bar. Others say they have often seen something out of the corner of their eyes.

One barmaid has witnessed a whisky glass move by itself across a table.

Address And Telephone Number Of The Cocket Hat

The Cocket Hat
North Anderson Drive
AB15 6DW

Tel: (01224) 695684

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