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The Baron of Troup Gardenstown ITV Reality Television Programme

Information and photos of the reality TV show The Baron of Troup with celebrities Mike Reid, Malcolm McLaren and Suzanne Shaw filmed in Gardenstown North East of Scotland:

The Baron Mike Reid Suzanne Shaw

In April and May 2007 the three television and music personalities, Mike Reid, Malcolm McLaren and Suzanne Shaw, took part in a reality television programme in Gardenstown, Banffshire, near Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. It was provisionally titled The Baron of Troup though later broadcast as The Baron on ITV1. Their aim was to become a part of the fishing village within the two weeks they were living in Gardenstown.


After trying to become part of the community the 1000 local villagers took part in a secret ballot to vote for one of the three celebrities to become the Laird with the title The 13th Baron of Troup. This actual title was bought especially by ITV for the reality TV programme. So the winner of The Baron of Troup will walk away with the title. It is an ancient title that relates to a nearby area. The Baron of Troup will be broadcast on ITV1 during the summer of 2007, provisionally for a screen time of August.

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Viewers will not only be able to see views of the beautiful village of Gardenstown and the sandstone cliffs of nearby Troup Head but will get a glimpse of rural village life in a traditional fishing area of the North East of Scotland. The cameras followed the contestants into the village shop, the local pub and hotel The Garden Arms Hotel, Gardenstown's cafe called Bob's Cafe the church and village hall. The stars also performed rural tasks on the nearby farms as well as working for the local butcher, Bill Fraser, and baker, Murray Brothers Bakery which is pictured further below.

To become part of the village they took part in community events such as the Annual Fish Night held in the public hall to raise funds for the harbour maintenance and upkeep. This event sees the celebrities of The Baron of Troup mingle with the villagers whilst enjoying a plate of smoked haddock and potatoes and a bowl of home made trifle.

Malcolm McLaren

The three celebrities also attended the Strawberry Fayre where locals were upset by the rude behaviour of Malcolm McLaren who got into a fracas with Michael Watt, the harbour master, as he tried to get him off the stage for his rude comments. He also tried to offer locals free alcohol as they were voting for the Baron of Troup. He upset many locals when he called Jesus a sausage and said he would follow cod. He rubbed seaweed into his hair. Though he showed selfish and abusive behaviour that the Sex Pistols would have been proud off, Mike Reid and Suzanne Shaw were much more polite to the villagers of Gardenstown. Both spoke nicely about the local community, the fishing industry and the beautiful countryside. Both of whom deserve to be the winner of The BaronofTroup.

Many of the villagers belong to the Closed Brethren and have staunch religious beliefs and traditional values rarely seen in modern days.

At the start of The Baron of Troup ITV reality television programme the former Baron of Troup displayed a map showing the Troup Estate as it would have been in the 1800s from the Gardenstown church hall.

The Contestants of The Baron of Troup

The contestants of The Baron of Troup are:

Mike Reid

Mike Reid The Baron

The Cockney comedian and actor Mike Reid is best remembered for playing the part of Frank Butcher in the BBC1 soap opera Eastenders. He played the part of Doug 'The Head' Denovitz in the film Snatch in 2000. He has also acted in a variety of television programmes and series such as The Bill, The Poker Academy, Underworld, The Detectives, Minder, Worzel Gummidge, Steptoe and Son, Department S and Doctor Who. He has made many chat show appearances such as on Parkinson, This Morning, The Paul O Grady Show and This is Your Life. Mike Reid has even been a stunt driver in the 1960s for films such as The Devil Rides Out, The Dirty Dozen and Casino Royale.

Mike Reid Gardenstown

Malcolm McLaren

Malcolm McLaren The Baron

Malcolm McLaren was the manager of the punk band The Sex Pistols where for four years he managed John Lydon (Johnny Rotten) and Sid Vicious. Before this he managed the group New York Dolls. He then managed other music groups and musicians such as Adam Ant, Boy George and Bow Wow Wow. Malcolm McLaren has also released his own music and written sound tracks for films and TV programmes like Marie Antoinette and The Truth About Charlie. In December 1999 he ran for the position of London Mayor which was won by David Livingston.

Malcolm McLaren Gardenstown

Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw The Baron

Suzanne Shaw was a former singer with the pop group Hearsay in 2001. She was picked from thousands to join the group during the ITV Popstars reality TV programme. The other members of Hearsay were Kym Marsh, Myleene Klass, Noel Sullivan and Danny Foster. Hearsay split up in 2002 and Suzanne Shaw went on to star in London's West End in productions like Summer Holiday, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Snow White and The Rocky Horror Show. As an actress the television work of Suzanne Shaw includes appearances in The Courtroom, Wasted, Holby City, Elidor, Loose Women, Have I Been Hear Before, Top of the Pops, ITV Pantomime 2002 Dick Whittington, Richard and Judy, The Saturday Show, Lorraine and The Royal Variety Performance Show 2001.

The Baron

The photos of The Baron above have kindly been provided to AboutAberdeen by ITV and remain the copyright of and

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Photographs of Gardenstown

Gardenstown Harbour
Gardenstown Hills
Gardenstown Photo
Murray Brothers Bakers Gardenstown
Crovie Carved Figure
Crovie Photo
Crovie Photograph
Crovie Picture
Crovie Village
Gardenstown Cliffs
Gardenstown Harbour
Gardenstown Sea

Read more about the Murray Brother Bakers on our Aberdeenshire Bakers page.

Baron of Troop Episode Guide

The following Baron of Troop Episode Guide contains spoilers about who wins the Baron of Troop:

Episode 1 of The Baron was broadcast on Thursday 24 April 2008 at 10:35pm until 11:35pm on ITV and STV. The Baron was advertised as being set in the Highlands of Scotland though filmed at Gardenstown in Grampian, the North East of Scotland.

The Baron is the last TV show by the late Mike Reid. The narrator of The Baron was Lancashire lass Fiona Allan the actress, writer and comedienne who has many TV appearances including Jackie in Skins, DI Steph Radcliffe in The Bill, Miss Murdoch in Shameless, Doctor Sophie Masterson in In Deep, Rachel Roche in Happiness, the Cloakroom Girl in 24 Hour Party People, Detective Superintendent Julie Devon in Dalziel and Pascoe, various characters in Smack The Pony, Comedy Nation, We Know Where You Live and Goodness Gracious me, Lucy English in Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased), Julia Stone in Coronation Street, a nurse in Waiting For God, an air hostess in Chef! and appearances as a celebrity in Mock The Week, 8 out of 10 Cats, and Fiona Allan also narrated the documentary The Curse of 18-30. Fiona Allan is the daughter in law of chat show host Michael Parkinson.

The first episode of The Baron was described by the narrator, Fiona Allan, as being an unusual and isolated village in the North East of Scotland, the strangest village in Britain and for the celebs who would be living in Gardenstown for 10 days it would be like living in a time warp. The Baron reality TV programme showed the celebrities arriving at Aberdeen Airport and travelling through the beautiful Aberdeenshire coast by bus and then arriving at the Gardenstown harbour.

Viewers were given a glimpse of the home life of the three stars. Mike Reid was shown relaxing at his home in Malaga in Spain and playing golf, clips of Malcolm McClaren in New York City were shown and potential Baroness of Troup, Suzanne Shaw, the winner of Dancing on Ice 2008, was shown from her home in High Wycombe, England, with her son.

We then saw clips of interviews with the villagers from Gardenstown giving their thoughts on who the celebrities in The Baron could be. As the celebs came off the bus they were greeted by villagers and children. They were giving the address of their host families and made their way to the houses. Poor Mike Reid had to walk up the big hill to the top of Gardenstown pulling his suitcase whilst Malcolm McClaren the Godfather of punk sweet talked the school children to carry his case after signing autographs and showing them the drawing for anarchy - a capital A within a circle. Suzanne Shaw had the shortest walk to the Gardenstown butcher Bill Fraser, though I am sure I heard her call him Phil for the first day. She stayed with Bill the butcher and his wife Audrey Fraser and he set out to be her campaign manager. The host family of Malcolm McClaren was evangelical couple Alex West and Margaret West who set out to convert the founder of the Sex Pistols to God. When Mike Ried finally climbed the hill he met his host family Linda and James West. Linda was lost for words when she opened her door to meet loveable Mike Reid on her step.

The first funny joke by Mike Reid was when he met a Shih Tzu dog at the harbour and told the owner he thought that was a zoo with no animals. His next joke at the village Spar shop did not go down well with locals though and they stone walled his humour. Would he win over the Parish of Gamrie with its population of 700 to become the winner of The Baron?

The host family for Malcolm McClaren did not know who he was and he had to explain that he was known as the Godfather of Punk and the founder of the Sex Pistols.

The first evening of The Baron in Gardenstown ending with some stunning views of the sunset over Gardenstown harbour and cliffs.

Day two of The Baron saw the celebs rehearsing their opening campaign speeches in the village hall and going out to meet the locals of Gardenstown. Malcom McClaren met a former punk rocker from London called Sol who now lives in Gardenstown with his family. Many of the locals called Mike Reid Frank Butcher after his Eastenders character. He rewarded them with a shout of Pat as he gave his campaign speech.

The celebrities arrived at the village hall to give their talk in front of 200 people at the Yellow Fish Night alcohol free event where everyone enjoyed a meal of smoked fish and potatoes. Pity that Suzanne Shaw called the kilt a skirt though. During the campaign speeches a rather strange speech was given by Malcolm McLaren and after all three speeches the locals wrote down their comments in a written poll. More interviews with the villagers of Gardenstown were broadcast and this included the local minister Donald Martin. The narrator Fiona Allen ended the first episode of The Baron with clips for episode two which included Malcolm McClaren fleeing into a car from some angry villagers after being ejected from making another odd speech.

Episode 2 of The Baron was broadcast meant to be broadcast on Thursday 1 May 2008 at 10:35pm until 11:35pm on ITV1 and Scottish Television. But the live coverage of the UEFA Cup football match between Fiorentina and Rangers overran and the episode was delayed until Friday 2 May at 11:40pm.

The Baron started with some stunning views of the coastal paths around Gardenstown and announced that the celebs would be at the annual Strawberry Fair. There was distinct hostility between Mike Reid and Malcolm McClaren and they even sat at separate tables at the Harbour Restaurant, even though it is such a wee building.

Derek the builder enrolled Mike and Malcolm to help paint his boat. Mike got stuck in but Malcolm just painted an anarchy sign on the side and went for more coffee. Mike finished the job and even helped to put the newly painted boat into the water. Meanwhile Suzanne Shaw went canvassing around Gardenstown and met Martin the village handyman and grass cutter who when asked who he would vote for said SNP, the Scottish National Party.

The potential Barons then went to work at the Murray Bros bakers before going to their host houses to cook a meal for guests. Suzanne cooked a chilli con carne with lots of chilli for her guests John and Hazel. Malcolm McLaren cooked a Mediterranean spread for the Rev Donald. The Minister suggested that Malcolm meet people getting their morning papers at the Spar supermarket the next day. Mike fulfilled his Frank Butcher name by working at the Gardenstown butchers.

Malcolm later walked to the sheep farm to gather his thoughts and meet the farmer and his wife. He later decided to add starting a sinners tent to his campaign.

The next day the potential Barons of Troup met Betty who told them about the annual Strawberry Fayre and that each possible Baron would be organising and running a stall. Suzanne ran a darts board with the faces of Malcolm and Mike on each dart board. Those dart players who hit their targets with three darts would have to get Bill Fraser the Butcher to play a forfeit. This was having to suck a pair of Y fronts! The pants would have some squash in them and Bill Fraser the Butcher asked for new ones but Suzanne bought second hand Y-fronts. Mike thought about running a plate smashing stall but could not find plates from villagers. He talked to he cameraman and the Director about Malcolm McLaren and how he never gets involved or does any activities. Mike then hit upon the idea of sticking his head through a painted stall and having a wet sponge throwing contest. As Malcolm McLaren gathered his thoughts about his sin tent the camera caught his having a pee in Crovie Pier. He later went to Gardenstown artist Jemima for help with some signs and plaques for his sin tent but she thought it was too anti Christian and did not want to get involved.

The celebs helped to launch the Pilot Star boat to mark the start of the Strawberry Fair. After running their stalls the celebrities of The Baron made their speeches and were introduced by Michael Watt the harbour master. Suzanne wooed the crowd by talking Doric and saying Fit Like Gamrie. She revealed her manifesto was to introduce storm gates and a sports day. Mike Reid talked about being bombed out in the Second World War and going from house to house in Hackney. He thought this was a great sense of community and said he thought that Gardenstown had a great sense of community which was so rare these days. Malcolm McLarn's speech was a lot different and he called Gardenstown "boring" and "the worst place I've been to in my life". He revealed that he would like to be a wicked Baron and build a wicker man on the beach that the villagers could burn and take drugs. He was booed off the platform by the villagers but he returned to talk more about his opinions of sinners day and as the crowd chanted "get him off" he called out "Jesus Christ is a sausage" and had to be taken off by the compere Michael Watt, the Gardenstown Harbour Master. Malcolm shouted out that the villagers were "inbred" and "controlling fundamentalists".He was taken off the election campaign by the film crew and security fearing a lynch mob whilst the Directors calmed down the locals and members of the Brethren who were offended by Malcolm's comments. He had to be removed from the Gamrie area by the Baron of Troop programme makers.

The third and last episode of The Baron is scheduled to be broadcast on Thursday 8 May 2008 at 10:35pm.

Episode 3 was the last part of The Baron. Malcolm McLaren was exiled to the outskirts of the village of Gardenstown to a Hotel. AboutAberdeen do not known the name of the hotel, can anyone help please? There had been a two hour meeting with the makers of The baron and the villagers of Gardenstown. The villagers agreed that filming could continue but only if Malcolm McClaren did not return to Gardenstown. His name would still stay on the ballot box. He still had some supporters in the village and they were interviewed. One spoke strong Doric and had subtitles on screen!

Mike Reid and Suzanne Shaw meet the villagers in the village hall for lunch and Mike made the soup. They then started their campaign trail and posted their election posters around the village. When Mike hung his up he tried to put them over Suzanne's and would pencil in a beard and moustache.

On the eve of the poll their was a rally in the village hall which included questions from the villagers such as what would they were for a portrait by a local Gardenstown artist, their religious beliefs, what they would do if they were the Baron or Baroness, etc.

The polling station opened the next day and the votes were counted as 14 votes for Malcolm McLaren, 82 votes for Suzanne Shaw and 146 votes for Mike Reid. The Baron of Troup was awarded to Mike Reid who looked really pleased and overcome. he touchingly phoned his wife, Shirley Reid, straight away to tell he she had become a Baronness.

Sadly Mike Reid passed away in July 07, several months after filming of The Baron. His wife, Shirley Reid, remains the Baroness of Troup.

The original transmission dates for The Baron of Troup was 31 July, 7 August and 14 August however they have been postponed. Locals think it may have been because of the controversy over statements made by Malcolm McLaren. However the Twofour Broadcast production company have stated that the delay in broadcast was nothing to do with the content of the programme but was a normal part of programming and that the new transmission dates would be announced a fortnight before transmission.

Sadly Mike Reid died from a heart attack on the 29 July 2007 whilst on holiday in Spain. Mike Reid was 67 years of age.

It is hoped that a youth club at Gardenstown will be built in memory of Mike Reid who had hoped to become involved in building a youth centre when he took part in The Baron of Troup reality TV show. He had spoken of organising a celebrity golf match to raise at least £10,000 so that some land could be bought and a youth centre built. Mike Reid's agent, David Hahn, and Mike Reid's family are thought to be involved in taking over so that Mike's wishes can be honoured.

The funeral of Mike Reid was at Little Easton Parish Church in Essex, England. There were thousands of mourners led by Mike Reid’s wife Shirley. A collection was made and donations from Mike Reid’s funeral service will be added to the fund for the community centre at Gardenstown. Shirley Allder also gave permission for his last production, The Baron, to be shown on TV which is anticipated to be announced in the autumn schedule for ITV.

It is thought that the Comedians Golfing Society have pledged £10,000 to the Gardenstown Community Centre fund and that the Mike Reid Classic celebrity golf match might be held in Aberdeenshire to help raise money for this ongoing project.

Mike Reid Memorial Community Centre

The Mike Reid Memorial Community Centre in Gardenstown near Aberdeen is still being planned and over £16,000 has been raised so far. Mike Reid's widow and his manager Mr David Hanh are looking for a suitable building plot for the Mike Reid Memorial Community Centre.

Celebrity Golf Tournament

In November 2007 David Hahn, the agent for Mike Reid, revealed that the target for the celebrity golf tournament in memory of Mike Reid is now over £500,000. Celebrities and stars are already booked for the event and this includes boxing legend Henry Cooper who was a close friend of Mike Reid's. Other stars and famous people being approached include comedian, entertainer and actor Russ Abbott, Scottish actor Sean Connery and Former Aberdeen Football Club Dons manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

The star gold tournament to be held in Aberdeenshire was discussed on Friday 9 November 2007 at the Comedians Golfing Society in London. The half a million pounds raised will be used to benefit Gardenstown where Mike Reid was crowned The Baron of Troup, a title now held by his wife Shirley Reid.

The Baron was produced by the Twofour Broadcast company and their website is

If you want to share your memories or have a photo of the filming of The Baron or the stars Mike Reid, Suzanne Shaw or Malcolm McLaren in or around Gardenstown that AboutAberdeen may use on this page then please contact me.

Morrisons Advert

Gardenstown was back on the telly in 2009 when actor Robert Lindsay shot some scenes for the Morrisons advert. Villagers were employed as extra for the supermarket ad campaign for their fresh fish counter. Viewers of the Morrisons advert will have seen areas of Gardenstown such as the pier.

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