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Thainstone House Hotel Ghosts Inverurie Green Lady Ghost

Information about the Green Lady Ghost of Thainstone House Hotel in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire and the room she haunts. Includes a history of the building:

The History of Thainstone House Hotel

The information about the green lady ghost is further below, but first a brief history of Thainstone House Hotel:

Thainstone House is a Mansion Home dating back to the 18th Century. The architect Archibald Simpson extended the House in 1840 and it was further extended in 1992.

The site housed an older home that belonged to James Wilson but it was ruined by the Jacobites in 1745. James Wilson signed the American Declaration of Independence.

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The older house was also owned by Sir Andrew Mitchell who, at the time of Fredrick the Great, was ambassador to the Court of Prussia.

Thainstone House is now a
Crerar Hotels. It retains the 40 acre grounds

The Ghost Of Thainstone House Hotel

A daughter of a former owner of the House, who was killed after a horse riding accident, is said to haunt one of the bedrooms. She was crushed by her horse and carried to the house to a bedroom. She later died from her injuries sustained when the horse fell on her. She wears a green cloak and is known as The Green Lady. Pets will not enter the bedroom she haunts. The room haunted by the green lady ghost is number 406 which is thought to be the room in which she died after the horse riding accident.

The green lady ghost of Thainstone House Hotel has been seen by many witnesses, including the professional ghost hunter and TV spiritualist Derek Acorah. He always requests room 406 if possible during his visits to Aberdeen such as his 14 February 2007 visit to appear at the AECC. Derek Acorah has described seeing a beautiful young lady dressed in a dated riding costume. He has tried talking to her but says she is too shy to speak.

Another ghost seen in Thainstone House Hotel by the television ghostbuster Derek Acorah is an old woman who he thinks is the mother or the grandmother of the green lady ghost. He describes both ghosts as happy spirits who haunt the Thainston House Hotel because they love the building.

Objects have been seen to move of their own accord and unexplained noises have been heard by staff and guests.

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