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Stuart MacLeod

Biography of Magician Stuart MacLeod from Peterhead, Aberdeenshire who appears as Barry and Stuart on Channel 4 programmes such as Magick and Dirty Tricks and BBC The Magicians:


Stuart Macleod was born in 1982 and was brought up in the Blue Toon of Peterhead. He attended Buchanhaven primary school and Peterhead Academy.

Stuart has twice won Young Magician of the Year for Scotland - for 1995/1996 and 1996/1997.

Stuart Macleod graduated from Aberdeen University where he studied philosophy and psychology.

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Television Appearances Of Stuart MacLeod

The Magicians BBC1

Stuart Macleod and Barry Jones starred in The Magicians BBC1 each Saturday night in January 2011. A review of Barry and Stuartís magic tricks on The Magicians BBC1 can be read on the Barry jones page.

Stuart used to perform street magic in Aberdeen along with Barry Jones and one of their own produced videos was watched by the makers of Derren Brown's magic shows, Objective Productions. This resulted in their first television appearance on the Channel 4 programme Magick as Barry and Stuart. They mad four 30 minute shows and Magick was nominated for a Golden Globe award.

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Barry and Stuart

Barry and Stuart Live is at the Lemon Tree Aberdeen from 9 to 11 June 2011.
Barry and Stuart moved to London in 2003 and performed in various London clubs in between TV appearances.

Best Comedy Magicians

In October 2009 Barry Jones and Stuart Macleod were awarded Best Comedy Magicians at the World Magic Awards in Los Angeles. The hosts who presented the Best Comedy Magicians award was Robert Wagner and Jill St John. This was the first performance in America by Barry Jones and Stuart Macleod.

Dirty Tricks

In 2005 Barry and Stuart presented the show Dirty Tricks in which they wrote all their own material. Famous guests in the show included Debbie McGee, John McCririck, Stephen Fry, Neil Fox, Bez from the Magic Mondays, Nick Frost, Jo Brand, Myleen Klass, Pete Firman and Josie D'Arby. Guests would include escapologists, illusionists and magicians performing stunts, illusions and magic tricks with a twist of macabre, comedy and madness!

When Tricks Go Wrong

Barry and Stuart also presented When Tricks Go Wrong on satellite and cable channel E4 in 2005 which featured magicians such as David Blaine.

The Magic Of Jesus

In Christmas 2005 Barry and Stuart presented a night of magic shows on channel 4 with a Dirty Tricks Christmas Show and a when Tricks Go Wrong special and a controversial look at the miracles of Jesus Christ in the show The Magic of Jesus.

Tricks From The Bible

On 2 June 2006 Barry and Stuart presented Tricks From The Bible on Channel 4. In their trademark black suits Barry and Stuart worked their way through the Old Testament stories and performed illusions, without camera tricks, from the Bible in front of live outdoor and studio audiences. These included turning a staff to a snake and producing water from a stone.

In one disgusting, but hugely funny trick Stuart MacLeod had Barry Jones spray the studio audience with projectile pus when he smites him with skin diseases. Barry got his own back by getting some peace and quite when he turned Stuart into a pillar of salt and used part of him to season his fish supper!

Barry and Stuart then turned their attention to a muscled man in the gym and like Samson and Delilah they robbed him of his strength so that he could not pick up a bucket of sand.

Stuart became possessed and Barry was able to cast out the demon from his belly - the demon turned out to be Bez from The Happy Mondays.

Their last trick was entertaining not just because of their remarkable sleight of hand, but more so because of the reactions of the two women they locked in a cage and subjected to a series of plagues such as Moses produced. These included turning water to blood, food to frogs and a plague of locusts.

In 2006 Stuart Macleod and Barry Jones were nominated for a Scottish Bafta for their TV programme Tricks From The Bible. The two magicians attended an all star ceremony on Sunday 12 November 2006. Barry and Stuart came second and first prize winners were Still Game.

Stuart MacLeod and Barry Jones at the Lemon Tree Aberdeen

On Wednesday 15 August 2007 magicians Stuart MacLeod and Barry Jones appeared at the Lemon Tree Aberdeen at 7:30pm in their Barry and Stuart Magick Show. This was their first full length magic show in their local area and their first Aberdeen performance in four years.

The next North East of Scotland performance of Barry Jones and Stuart Macleod will be at the Lemon Tree Aberdeen on the 12 June 2010.

Contact Details Of Stuart Macleod

Stuart and Barry still do live magic performances and performance arts and are available to book by contacting Michael Vine productions at their website, 2magicians at

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