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Sheep Games - Shear Panic Board Game

Aberdonians love sheep and a drive through the Aberdeenshire countryside will reward you with the beautiful sight of sheep happily grazing on the hills and galloping through the fields.

Now you can enjoy playing with sheep in the comfort of your home with board games such as Shear Panic.

In the Shear Panic board game you have to herd the sheep through their pens and fields whilst collecting points and avoiding the sheep shearers. The game is for those aged above 10 and can be played with up to four players.

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Shear Panic is the invention of Scottish brothers Fraser and Gordon Lamont. They run the Kirkintilloch board game company Fragor Games. Other games that the Scot's duo have created include Leapfrog and Hameln which is a game involving the Pied Piper and cheeky looking rats. All of the Fragor Games last about one hour and appeal to both adults and children.

The sheep game Shear Panic was nominated for the Toy Of The Year in the Netherlands and is a big hit in countries like America and Germany.

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Visit the official Shear Panic sheep game and Fragor Games website at for more information about their range of games with photographs.

Sharon The Sheep Language Game

In Sharon The Sheep Language Game two to four players aged from 5 to 10 years old can race against the timer to complete sentences. There is an added twist to add more fun to this sheep game - when the timer runs out, players must swap their boards! This fun phonics game helps to develop the language and literacy skills of younger children. and links with National Curriculum English.

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