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Sean Beech The Ice Crown Silver Fox

The novel The Ice Crown written by Sean Beech from Elgin and Aberdeen which is the first book in the Lords of the Moon trilogy. Includes a biography of former soldier and nurse Sean Beech.

Sean Beech, author of The Ice Crown was born in Elgin in the North East of Scotland and brought up in Aberdeen. He then moved to Kintore with his family and was educated at Kemnay Academy and worked at Asda in Dyce before joining the Royal Engineers in 1986. He left the army in 1990 and lived in Garthdee and then Seaton.

Like most great authors Sean Beech had a variety of jobs giving him life experience working as a door to door sales man for Kirby vacuum cleaners and then for Bon Accord Soft Drinks. He moved to Edinburgh with his wife in 1992 to train to be a chef with Gardner Merchant. As a former soldier he was proud to be part of the catering staff that cooked for the Queen when she opened Drummond House, the new Royal Bank of Scotland head office.

The Ice Crown Author In September 1997 Sean Beech rejoined the army, a decision that would see him become a published author. Rather than re-join the RE Sean Beech joined the QARANC (Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps to train as a staff nurse. He was in the last group of army nurses to train with civilians at Portsmouth University where he qualified in February 2001.

The Lords of the Moon Trilogy

His first posting was to RH Haslar in Gosport with several deployments to Basra in Iraq after gaining an Advance Life Support (ALS) qualification. It was during one of these tours of Iraq, as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, that Corporal Sean Beech turned to writing as a form of escapism from the bombings, sniper attacks and mortar firing on his base camp.

Using army notebooks he would write what would become the first part of The Lords of the Moon trilogy, The Ice Crown during Operation Telic 9 in 2006. It was soon accepted for publication by Cambridgeshire publishers Melrose Books. They quickly realised the quality of his writing and signed Sean Beech to a three book deal which is most unusual for a first time author. Melrose Books also promoted his book, The Ice Crown as the September book of the month when it was published in hardback on the 22 September 2008.

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Cpl Sean Beech was also inspired to write a children's fantasy book to encourage reading by youngsters and younger adults. He noticed that there was still a degree of illiteracy amongst younger soldiers whilst in Basra. The army encouraged its soldiers with education packages during off duty periods. The seeds of ambition to become a Primary School teacher was sown by Cpl Beech and he one day hopes to train as a teacher so he can directly help children with their reading. He donates 50% of book sale profits directly to the National Literacy Trust whose website is

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The Silver Fox

The Silver Fox is the second novel in The Ice Crown trilogy by ex soldier and award nominated writer Sean Beech. The Silver Fox was published on 30 August 2010. Sean Beech continues to donate 50% of his royalties to The National Literacy Trust and the author has promised that if The Silver Fox reaches the best sellers chart he will donate 100% of his royalties.

As the Lords of the Moon finished, our hero, Morkin, found that the Ice Crown had melted but its magical powers still lived on. However he was warned that one of his companions will betray him. Morkin continues his quest in The Silver Fox with two companions. But which one will betray him? Will it be the strange hooded Shamar or the greedy giant Royal Taxman Mr Grabbit who betray Morkin as they leave the safety of Luxor?

As the Lords of the Knights truce fails Morkin hopes that Zondra the Queen of the Snow Faerie can recreate the lost Ice Crown before the Wolves of Fennigan recover their ancient howl and deliver Morkin to Vangor. Zondra the Queen of the Snow Faerie and her bodyguard Ice Berge are two new characters in The Silver Fox which were created in a children's competition.

New settings and more characters such as Skulerings, Vangor Dark Knights and Chiants are introduced.

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Sean Beech has a new publisher, Austin & Macauley Publishers Ltd, for The Silver Fox and there are special promotions such as writing competitions for readers of The Silver Fox. Visit their website for more info.

On The Ice Crown book launch author Sean Beech auctioned at eBay one of his special edition author's copies of the book given to him by the publisher. This was signed and all profits from the auction were donated to the National Literacy Trust.

Sean Beech is now working on his second novel, which will be called The Silver Fox, whilst working as an Accident and Emergency nurse in the Winchester Hospital in Hampshire, England. He still returns to Aberdeenshire where his mother now lives in Peterhead. He has fond memories of swimming in the North Sea as a child growing up in Aberdeen and climbing Bennachie on school trips. He still enjoys walking up Bennachie with his wife and recently they took their daughter and eight month old son up Aberdeen's famous hill.

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In April 2009 The Ice Crown was long listed for The August Derleth Fantasy Award in April 2009 for the Best Novel section. Other nominees included Stephen King, Terry Brooks and Terry Pratchett.

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