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Rehome Battery Hens Aberdeenshire

Could you share your garden with a few clucky hens this winter and beyond? Make a New Year's resolution worth keeping and cluck up the courage to give a hen a home in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire:

Rehome Battery Hens Aberdeenshire Scotland

The British Hen Welfare trust will a holding a pop-up hen collection in Alford Aberdeenshire on TBC, for hundreds of ex-commercial laying hens that would otherwise be destined for slaughter and is now appealing to anyone who can offer a permanent home to a few of their hardworking girls.

Since hatching in 2005 the charity has found homes for over 495,000 hens, from 30+ pop-up locations run by volunteers across the UK, and in just a few weeks is set to enter the records books with the re-homing of its half a millionth hen, Dee. A phenomenal achievement in terms of re-homing pets and something the charity believes to be a world first!

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Local Coordinator for the charity Katy, told us:

After receiving so many gifts at Christmas, January is a great time to consider re-homing some of our gorgeous girls, it's a nice way to give a little something back. Ex-bats are naturally amiable and simple to keep making them ideal pets for families and first time chicken keepers. If you haven't adopted hens before, it's incredibly rewarding and the feel-good factor in saving lives is simply unbeatable.

The charity which re-homes commercial laying hens, and encourages support for the British egg industry also aims to educate the public on how they can make a difference to hen welfare through making simple changes to their shopping habits. Whilst consumers will often select free range eggs to use in baking and cooking, they are unaware of just how many eggs are used in processed food products and checking food labels is the best way to select high welfare eggs wherever they are used.

If you would like to find out more about how you can rehome battery hens by adopting a few of these hens please call the charity at Hen Central on 01884 860084 or email

Whether you are a complete novice or returning to hen keeping the charity is on hand to answer any of your hen keeping queries.

Please note that the hens need to be reserved in advance of the hen collection, and directions to the re-homing site will only be given once your registration is complete.

The British Hen Welfare Trust has been chosen as the British Veterinary Nursing Association's official Charity of the Year from October 2015, and throughout 2015 and 2016 they will be working alongside the BVNA to raise awareness and funds for our BHWT Hen Advice Line.

The more success they have in re-homing activity, the more demand there is for their support and after care service, and what was once an occasional enquiry has now become a steady stream through a range of media. With the support of the BVNA, they hope to improve their hen health advice thereby supporting the growing number of people who choose to help their lovely hens, and keep hens as pets. To find out more about their work visit

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