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Orienteering In Aberdeenshire

Orienteering Aberdeenshire What is orienteering?

Orienteering is to navigate your way around a set course, usually in the woods, using a specially drawn map which shows features such as streams, fences, boulders and crags.

The map will have a starting and finishing point with a series of control points along the way. It is entirely up to you how you get from point to point - you could run fast or just bimble round with the kids and dog, enjoying the scenery and even have a picnic en route.

If you like treasure hunts and the outdoors then give it a go. You never know you could end up becoming an elite athlete competing world-wide or just content to stick to orienteering events in Aberdeen and the Shire and enjoy the exercise and friendship it brings.

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Orienteering Events In Aberdeenshire

Orienteer Aberdeen You can easily find orienteering events throughout Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire by visiting the Grampian Orienteers Club website at

There you will find an events list that shows what is happening throughout Aberdeenshire where and when. Look for the Family Friendly or red L-plate symbols which indicate events suitable for beginners and families alike. The site gives you a grid reference and a link to Multimap online maps so you can find them. When you get close to the event car park you will probably see red and white orienteering signs to show you the way. The summer evening events are ideal for beginners being low-key and all are either in or close to Aberdeen.

Orienteering Equipment

You need few items for your first orienteering events. This includes:
  • Trainers or lightweight boots

  • Tracksuit bottoms or similar that you don't mind getting a bit mucky

  • A large clear plastic bag to put your map in

  • A compass if you have one for orientating the map

  • A whistle if you have one just in case you need to attract attention in case of an accident

  • A drink and a snack for afterwards

  • A few ús to pay for your map

  • A couple of friends to share the fun!

Grampoc will provide instruction and training if you need it - just ask for help when you arrive at an event.

For more information visit

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