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Lizzie Finlayson

Biography of Author Lizzie Finlayson

Lizzie Finlayson was born and brought up in Torry, Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. As a child she enjoyed writing but was discouraged by her mother who destroyed her works and sent her to work in a fish factory at 16.

It was to be many years later that Lizzie Finlayson wrote and publish her first book - at the young age of 90! In 2003 her book No Way To Live was published. It recalled the tale of her friend, Elsie, who was an illegitimate child. It describes her upbringing with her auntie in a deprived area of Torry in Aberdeen.

Hot on the heels of its success she led the Denmore Court Oral History Group from the sheltered accommodation complex where she lives. Together the group members created the book A Richt Bourachie o' Fowk where they recall their memories of Aberdeen in the early 20th Century.

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In 2005 Lizzie Finlayson published her second book Annie Fae Invercauld which tells the story of a Laird's daughter who leaves rural Aberdeenshire to seek a new life in Aberdeen city. It also includes poems and wartime memories.

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