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Lee Hutcheon Aberdeen

Biography of film director Lee Hutcheon from Aberdeen whose work include In A Man's World, The Clan and Ramensky

Lee Hutcheon was born on the 31st July 1973 in Woodside Aberdeen. He grew up here and was educated at Hilton Academy and St. Machar Academy. He then went to Aberdeen College and completed an HND in graphic design.

As a child he loved the cinema a growing up passion which saw him shoot his own Super 8mm short films using the people from the Neighbourhood he grew up in as cast members. He went on to make a number of shorts and documentaries before turning his hand to Features.

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When he was aged 20 he moved to New York to begin his career in the movie business.

He now makes professional short films and documentaries where he tries to raise awareness of the North East of Scotland. His first feature was called Sugartown.

By 1999 they were starting to get noticed. His most prominent works have been:

My Brother’s Keeper

My Brother’s Keeper is a 2011 film by director Lee Hutcheon based on his own screen script. My Brother’s Keeper was filmed around Aberdeenshire and includes scenes at Fraserburgh and Blackhills Quarry and is about a soldier who returns from Afghanistan. My Brother’s Keeper stars local actor Mark Wood.

Vendetta (1999)

Vendetta is a brutal story of a man called Zander whose son was murdered. Although his killer was arrested he was later released due to lack of evidence. Zander found him and took his revenge, earning himself 10 years in prison. Upon release he sets out to teach the police a lesson. Along with his cellmate, Sye, they kidnap the son of a police officer. Sye's motivation is extracting money from the hostage's family, but first he needs to get rid of Zander.

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In A Man's World

This caught the attention of the UK press when out of 550 entries it won Best Drama at the New York International And Independent Film And Video Award. It hit the headlines because it was shot on a low budget. The story of how he made it on next to nothing without any funding assistance from any arts organisations or government film funding bodies made every national newspaper in Scotland, radio station and television station and cast a spotlight on Lee as a new exciting talent. It was also the only Scottish film at Cannes in 2005. It is a gritty story of hope, desperation and betrayal amongst four street wise youngsters who enter into the underworld of crime. As they get deeper into crime they realise it is not a glamorous life, though it is too late to return to their childhood as they soon encounter ruthless gangsters and criminal overlords.

The children who appear in it are from the Aberdeen areas where it was shot. It stared Aberdonian actor Mark Wood who played Rasputin. Mark comes from Torry and it helped springboard his and other Scottish actors careers.

Locations used in film were Nigg, Old Aberdeen, The Green, Woodside, The River Dee, St Machar Cathedral, Balmedie Beach, Spital, Northfield and Rosemount.

The Clan

It is set in the Highlands where the Clan McNab keeps a dark secret, a past full of anger and hatred. The fighting between them and the Clan McKinlay through the Centuries has seen swords and axes clash for ownership of cattle and land.

Now the story is seen through they eyes of Cal McKinlay and Nicole McNab, the two youngest from each Clan. Both have a common dislike of the families' way of life and love soon blossoms. Nicole falls pregnant and the families soon realise the impact this has on their organised crime activities. The lovers flee from their families, fearing for the safety of their unborn child. The Clan follow and the viewer sees the dark side of Scottish crime.

It stars film star James Cosmo as Hector McKinlay.

Parts of The Clan were filmed in local locations such as Fyvie Castle, Fraserburgh and Inverurie. City locations used included The Hub cafe in John Street. Other scenes included Glasgow and Edinburgh.


Filmed in 2006 this is the emotional story of Hero and Legend Johnny Ramensky who was a master safecracker Peterman, escape artist, cat burglar and British war hero.

This will portray his birth at Glenboig near Coatbridge in 1905, his upbringing in the tough Glasgow Gorbals during the depression, to his many escapes from UK prisons, including Peterhead prison, and on to how he became one of Scotland's top criminals.

It then focuses on how he saved the lives of thousands of Allied soldiers by stealing secrets from top Nazi officials during the Second World War from 1942 to 1945. He attained the army rank of sergeant and wore the cap badge of the Royal Fusiliers though he worked with and trained Commandos. He was at the forefront of the Allied invasion of Italy and even cracked the safe of German Field Marshall Rommel and Adolf Hitler's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels. It is said that he blew open 14 safes in occupied Rome in one day and was awarded the Military Medal (MM) and given a pardon from his crimes. It is thought that he refused the medal and upon release from military duties he returned to crime. He did receive a lesser sentence by two years for his first criminal offence because of his war service.

As well as being an accomplished safecracker he was dextrous which helped him to be a thief, was strong enough to even be able to lift his own bodyweight and he was acrobatic and agile enough to scale walls adeptly.

He had several nicknames including King of the Escapers which he earnt after escaping five times from Peterhead prison. From the police he earnt the nickname Gentle Johnny because he would always surrender peacefully when he was caught. He spent over 40 years in prison and died in Peterhead prison aged 67 years in 1972.

Ramensky will feature actor James Cosmo who plays a prison warden. Locations may include Peterhead, though sadly no UK funding was made available to Director Lee Hutcheon for his £7 million production and it may have to be shot in Eastern Europe. By coincidence Johnny Ramensky was the son of an Eastern European immigrant from Lithuania. The family name was Ramanausckas and his parents were married in Poland. His father worked as a fire clay miner and came to Scotland as a blackleg labourer to work at Glenboig fire clay mine during the 1901 strike. Johnny's birth Christian name was Yonas. He changed his name to John Ramsay when he married Margaret McManus in October 1931. She died in October 1937. His second wife was Lily (also called Lisa) Mulholland whom he married in 1955. Ramensky changed his surname to Ramsay.

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