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Indian Restaurants Aberdeen -The Spice Mill Indian Fusion Restaurant

Review of Indian restaurants in Aberdeen with facilities, car parking, menu, photos and dishes for lunch and dinner. Each of these Indian restaurants in Aberdeen are visited by Aboutaberdeen with reviews updated regularly.

Indian Restaurants Aberdeen

There are many Indian restaurants in Aberdeen offering top quality dishes and dining experiences. Just take a wee walk down Union Street and the adjoining streets and you will be able to count Indian restaurants in the double figures. Some have special offers such as business lunches, set meal dinners, early dinners, quality dishes, specialist chefs, relaxing settings or extensive menus. So how do you choose where to eat? Let help you choose which restaurant to visit with our guide to Indian restaurants in Aberdeen. Each Indian restaurant review below has been written by after several visits and enjoyable curries. If you would like your restaurant added to this section please contact me.

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The Spice Mill Indian Fusion Restaurant

Spice Mill Indian Fusion Restaurant

One of the Indian restaurants in Aberdeen that aboutaberdeen keep returning to is The Spice Mill Indian Fusion in Grandholm Village at the Bridge of Don. They advertise themselves as The Ultimate Dining Experience and they certainly live up to this reputation. The short drive out from the town centre is worth the effort. There is plenty of free parking with several disabled car park spaces. As you enter the Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant you will see the charm of the building which is a converted 200 year old mill. The Grandholm Mill in Bridge of Don was famed for its tweed and was one of the largest woollen mills in Scotland. The developers have sympathetically kept the feel of history here by developing the surrounding Lade waterway and building walkways with cobblestones and olden lampposts. The waterwheel can be see to the left of the entrance to The Spice Mill Indian Fusion and once indoors you can look through a special viewing area to see its workings.

Grandholm Mill

What aboutaberdeen like best about The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant is the warm welcome we always get from happy staff. Their efficient and cheery manner makes coming here an affordable treat with the added advantage of one of the finest Indian dinning experiences in Aberdeen and indeed Aberdeenshire. Hospitality starts from a few moments when you are comfortably seated when the complimentary poppadoms and sauces are brought to the table.

The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant is on two levels and disabled visitors are made welcome downstairs. Though the bar area, kitchens and take away areas are here this does not mean it is a noisy restaurant. The noise is reduced by having some intimate tables in a segregated area behind the main entrance. We stopped counting the seats after 100, making this one of the largest Indian restaurants in Aberdeen.

One of the delights of eating out is the visual experience and there is an optical treat for diners at The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant. This starts with the mellow decor, the watercolour and oil paintings with a mixture of Scottish and ethnic paintings, the smart lay out of the table settings but above all the way the chefs display their Indian dishes turning their service into an art form that surpasses the artwork adorning the walls. Portions are generous without resorting to buffet style proportions which leave you over full. The emphasise at The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant is on quality food and this endorses their belief that they offer the ultimate dining destination. Even lunch meals offer not just good value on the wallet but generous portions. The set main courses are still cooked in lovely thick sauces with generous helpings of pilau rice and the price includes nan bread and a starter. In the experience of aboutaberdeen lunch meals at Indian restaurants can be a bit bland and short on spices and herbs but we are glad to review that The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant do not make such short cuts. Lunch filled us up and whetted our appetites for return visits in the evening.

A unique feature of The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant is the opportunity to purchase a platter of your favourite dishes to share with your dining partners. This starts at a minimum of two people and a choice of at least four dishes to try. Those on a budget may like to try the banquet option which gives the diner a starter, main, side dishes and accompaniments and a dessert.

Dining Table

Aberdeen has an abundance of fresh fish and it is great to see an Indian restaurant in Aberdeen with so many fish curry dishes on its 200 cover menu. These include fish simmered in coconut sauce or salmon marinated in a variety of Indian sauces and finished in the tandoor.

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Children are made very welcome at The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant and high chairs are available for the younger diners. Meals include Aberdeen Angus beef burgers, fried haddock, lasagne, chicken nuggets and pizza which can be served with chips.

The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant has a function room that can cater for children's parties, wedding receptions and even a Christmas party.

If you would like to make your own comment on The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant to appear on this Indian restaurants Aberdeen review then please contact me.

The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant
Grandholm Crescent
Bridge of Don
AB22 8AA

Telephone Number (01224) 821700


The Spice Mill Indian Fusion restaurant opens from 10am and closing time is advertised as late. It is closed on a Monday.

Spice Dabba

Other Indian restaurants in Aberdeen include Spice Dabba on Belmont Street specialise in quality Indian meals. They take their name from the name of the Indian spice box. Spice Dabba use whole spices and powders from India rather than exotic sauces and rare herbs. Their chefs use the freshest free range meats to ensure flavour and quality. A full aboutaberdeen review will appear soon. In the meantime visit Spice Dabba at 15 Belmont Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1JR. Phone (01224) 645200. Spice Dabba open from 6pm to 11pm and their website is at

Gurkha Kitchen

Those seeking a Nepalese dining experience can try the Gurkha Kitchen take away restaurant at 409 George Street, Aberdeen. The Gurkha Kitchen is open from 5pm to 11pm Monday to Thursday and closes at 11:30pm on a Saturday and 10:30pm on a Sunday. Home delivery is available. For more information and to view the Gurkha Kitchen menu please visit or call (01224) 622112

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