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ITV Hogmanay Live Show

Details of the Television Programme Hogmanay Live Show on Grampian and Scottish TV

Each year Scottish ITV broadcast the Hogmanay Live Show on channel 3 from a different location in Scotland. It also shows clips of different Scottish New Year Eve celebrations

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Scotlandís Greatest Album The Countdown

There was no live Hogmanay show on ITV for 2011 to 2012. Instead ITV broadcast Scotlandís Greatest Album: The Countdown which was hosted by Clare Grogan.


The STV Hogmanay Show for 2010 into 2011 was Midnight and was broadcast on New Yearís Eve at 1130pm to 0005am on BBC1 Scotland. Midnight 2010 was presented by Michelle McManus and Stephen Jardine with guests including Darius Campbell and Dorothy Paul

Information about the STV Hogmanay Live Show 2011 into 2012 will be added soon.

Scotland Always Had Talent

STV did not broadcast a live Hogmanay show to see in the 2010 New Year but instead broadcast a pre recorded programme special called Scotland Always Had Talent. It was hosted by Scottish presenter and singer Michelle McManus and highlighted the many Scottish variety, musical and comic acts over the decades with interviews and recollections by famous Scots entertainers such as Ford Kiernan, Dorothy Paul, Andy Cameron, The Krankies, Allan Stewart, Billy Differ, Brenda Cochrane, Mary Lee and Dean Park

Scotland Always Had Talent included clips of Andy Stewart singing A Guid New Year, Una McLean singing Suicide Sal, theatre performance clips and panto scenes of Jimmy Logan, Frankie and Josie (Ricky Fulton and Jack Milroy), Jack Radcliffe, Grace Clarke and Stanley Baxter.

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2008 Live Hogmanay Show

The 2008 Hogmanay Live Show will be broadcast on ITV from 11:45pm to 12:15am and hosted by Vicky Lee and Gerry McCulloch.

Hosts Of ITV Hogmanay Live Show

Past hosts have included Lorraine Kelly, Craig Hill and Stephen Jardine.

There's music from bands such as Texas and The Proclaimers. Scottish violinist Nicola Benedetti is a regular guest.


More Scottish customs and traditions.

Aberdeenshire Hogmanay

2007 Hogmanay Live Show

The 2007 Hogmanay Live Show on ITV to see in the year 2008 came from Princes Street in Edinburgh. It was broadcast on ITV at 11:50 pm until 12:10 am and was called the Hogmanay Live from Edinburgh. 2007 Hogmanay Live Show was hosted by presenters Michelle Watt and Grant Stott from Scotsport. Though only a twenty minute show Hogmanay Live from Edinburgh was packed with New Year entertainment such as a surprise guest who first footed the 2007 Hogmanay Live Show, chats with revellers in Princes Street in Edinburgh and fireworks.

2006 ITV Hogmanay Live Show

The 2006 to 2007 ITV Hogmanay Live Show is called Hogmanay Stories and is hosted by scotsmen Colin and Justin with guests singers Michelle McManus and John Carmichael, comedienne Elaine C Smith, How Clean Is Your House Scots lass Aggie Mackenzie, X Factor singers The MacDonald Brothers and Sanjeev Kohli from Still Game. A great company to see in the year 2007.

2005 ITV Hogmanay Live Show

The host for 2005 was Julyan Sinclair the presenter from Scotsport television programme and brother of Cameron Stout who regularly appears in Panto in Aberdeen His Majesty's Theatre. Julyan was joined by Andrea Brymer who is a newsreader on Grampian TV news. They broadcasted live from The Stonehaven Fireballs ancient North East ceremony and saw The Bells in at Stonehaven.

The programme also included a year end review of Scottish news stories from Stephen Jardine called Made in Scotland...From Video.

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