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Hot Air Ballooning In Aberdeen - Aberdeenshire Balloon Flights

Where to go hot air ballooning in Aberdeen and fly over the Aberdeenshire Castles like Fyvie Castle and Castle Fraser during Aberdeenshire balloon flights:

Hot Air Ballooning Aberdeen Virgin Balloon Flights organise hot air ballooning in Aberdeen leaving from Aberdeenshire locations like Fyvie Castle and Castle Fraser.

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Aberdeenshire balloon flights leave from these locations and each flight lasts about an hour but do please allow several hours for your hot air balloon experience so that you can take part in safety talks and presentations, take photos and even enjoy a glass of champagne with your fellow passengers and the crew of the hot air balloon. Each hot air balloon basket, like the one in the hot air balloon photo above, will hold up to 19 passengers.

The hot air balloon landing depends on the weather conditions but the organisers will ensure you either land back at your departure point or are driving back. This ensures you can meet any waiting relatives or get back to your own car. Waiting friends and relatives are able to follow the hot air balloon in their own cars but cannot travel in the promoters vehicles because of insurance and safety.

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Hot Air Balloon Trip Aberdeen Qualified pilots will ensure you have a safe and fun experience as you float above Royal Deeside soaking up some memorable sights.

When you go for a hot air balloon ride in Aberdeenshire you can take in the stunning scenery, wildlife and sights for miles, an ideal photograph opportunity. There are now balloons taking to the skies from National Trust For Scotland properties such as Crathes Castle, Fyvie Castle and Castle Fraser. Before your flight you can even help fill up the balloon!

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These flights make the perfect gifts for loved one, or even just an indulgent gift present to yourself.

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Scottish Balloon Rides

Other Scottish balloon rides take place at Angus (Glamis Castle), Inverness (Brodie Castle), Lanarkshire (Biggar), Perthshire (South Inch Park), Fife and Perthshire.

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If you are booking a hot air ballooning In Aberdeen experience and what to learn some interesting facts about balloon flights some fun achievements can be found in Guinness World Records. This includes the first passengers in a hot air balloon flight, first non-stop circuit of the globe and solo circumnavigation by balloon, the longest hot air balloon flight, fastest speed in a hot air balloon, the largest object lifted by helium balloons and the longest duration flight by helium balloons.

Hot Air Ballon Safety Advice

During your hot air balloon experience in Scotland you will be given some hot air ballon safety advice which may include:

The person going ballooning will need to be aged over 16 or accompanied by another paying adult if he or she is aged between 8 to 16 years of age. No child aged under 8 years is permitted to go ballooning.

The ballooner must be at least 4 feet and 6 inches in height and not weigh more than 18 stone.

For safety reasons it is highly recommended that people who are pregnant, have recently had an operation, have epilepsy or suffer from a heart condition does not go hot air ballooning. Ballooners will need to be reasonably fit and active to get into the hot air balloon basket and to stand for the duration of the hot air ballooning flight.

Because of the unpredictable Scottish weather it is recommended that you book the balloon flight for the spring and summer months from April to September. The natural light conditions are much better during these months. Do book early though to avoid disappointment.

The cost of the balloon flights includes the safety presentations, champagne drink, the balloon flight and a special presentation certificate signed by Sir Richard Branson and the balloon pilot.

Hot Air Balloon Gifts

In addition to buying a hot air balloon voucher you can buy hot air balloon gifts such as a Virgin flight shoulder bag, binoculars, baseball cap, pen, keyring, mug and DVD either before the balloon flight by mail order, or on the day of the hot air balloon flight. Some hot-air balloon flight offers will include these packs at specific times of the year. For example the Scottish Sunday Post newspaper had an offer to get a free limited edition Virgin flight bag which contained a heavyweight branded pen, a key ring, a DVD, compact binoculars and a baseball cap in June 2007, just in time to make the perfect Father's Day gift experience.

Balloon Flight Father's Day

A balloon flight in the Aberdeen area makes an ideal Father's Day gift experience. Most hot air ballooning companies in Aberdeenshire have a Balloon Flight Father's Day offer, coupon or discount code to help reduce the cost. Most will issue a voucher that your father can redeem as a balloon flight Father's Day present at any time of the year, weather permitting.

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Balloon flights in Aberdeen made the news headlines during the summer of 2009 when the Virgin hot air balloon landed in Inverurie and Kintore after its flight from Castle Fraser. Though these were safe flights and landings, celebrated as usual with champagne and the arrival of the retrieval team the balloon was considered too near residential property and Kintore Primary School. As always with Virgin hot air balloon flights the pilot chose a safe and open landing space for a gentle landing.
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