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Globe Inn Barmaid Ghost

Details of the barmaid ghost at the Globe Inn in Dumfries and who she is thought to be and her relationship to Robert Burns:

The Globe Inn in Dumfries was the regular drinking haunt of Robert Burns. Though the ghost of Robert Burns does not haunt the Globe Inn the spirit of his mistress does. She appears as a barmaid dressed in the costume of that period, the 18th century. Her name was Anna Park and she died in childbirth after giving birth to the child of Robert Burns. The orphaned child, Elizabeth, was brought up by Burns and his wife Jean.

Though Anna Park died in a sad way she remains full of fun and mischief and sightings of her ghost seem to take place at times of merriment and when there is much laughter in the Inn. The Globe Inn barmaid ghost will tug at people's sleeves to get their attention and move things around .
The barmaid ghost is also seen during periods of change or disruption at the Globe Inn such as during renovations.

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White Lady Ghost

The Globe Inn dates back to the year 1610 and is a beautiful and atmospheric pub. It is thought to be the home to other ghosts which include a White Lady. She is most often seen during Burns Night Suppers.

Robert Burns and the Globe Inn

The favourite seat of Robert Burns is still at the Globe Inn and some poetry that he etched on a bedroom window with a diamond is still visible.

One evening the Landlord of the Globe Inn, William Hyslop, gave Robert Burns a free meal in return for this after dinner poem:

O Lord when hunger pinches sore,
Do Thou stand us in stead,
And send us, from Thy bounteous store,
A tup or wether head!

O Lord, since we have feasted thus,
Which we so little merit,
Let Meg now take away the flesh,
And Jock bring in the spirit!

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Dumfries and Galloway

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