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Gairnshiel Lodge Ghosts

The History Of Gairnshiel Lodge

Situated just outside Ballater in Royal Deeside, Gairnshiel Lodge was a former hunting lodge used by Queen Victoria. The original Lodge was built in 1746 with further extensions thereafter.

Other members of the Royal Family who have used the Lodge for hunting include King George V, King George VI and the Duke and Duchess of York (later to become Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother).

Gairnshiel Lodge is now a family run hotel.

The Lodge is situated on the banks of the River Gairn.

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The Ghosts Of Gairnshiel Lodge

There have been sightings of the spirit of an old woman, who is thought to be a former owner of the Lodge.

The noise of marching men and the moving of horses and carts has been heard outside the Lodge, though nothing can be seen. The old military road, used during the Jacobite Risings, used to run past the Lodge. It is thought these are soldier ghosts.

Contact Address, Telephone Number And Website Of Gairnshiel Lodge

Gairnshiel Lodge
AB35 5UQ

Tel: (013397) 55582

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