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Frendraught Castle Ghosts

The History Of Fendraught Castle

Situated 6 miles from Huntly in Aberdeenshire, Frendraught Castle is a 17th Century building which was built upon an older Castle belonging to the Crichton family.

In 1630 there was a fire whilst the Gordon family were staying with the Crichton family. The cause of the fire has never been established. Sir James Crichton and his family all escaped unhurt. Several members of the Gordon family died in the fire, including John Gordon, Viscount Aboyne and Lord Rothiemay. Servants of the Gordon's also burnt to death in the fire.

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Sir James faced a trial because of the fire. He was found not guilty, but one of his servants was found guilty and was executed. Though Sir James was found to be innocent, Lady Rothiemay blamed him for the death of her husband. She employed some Highlanders to attack his family and plunder his lands. This lead to her imprisonment in 1635, though she was later released.

The Ghost Of Fendraught Castle

Lady Elizabeth Gordon, the wife of Sir James Crichton, is thought to haunt the Castle. She has appeared on the stairs wearing a white dress will a golden edge.

Loud noises, crashing noises, doors being opened and closed and locked and unlocked have been heard. The sounds of people arguing and footsteps descending the stairs have also been heard.

The Morison family now own the Castle.

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