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Forbidden Planet Aberdeen

Information about the Aberdeen Forbidden Planet Bookstore and Comic Shop with the latest internet offers:

Aberdeen has several science fiction and fantasy comic bookshops that sell a range of graphic novels, American import comics, models, figurines, board games, collectable cards and plates and much more. The favourite of the About Aberdeen team is the Forbidden Planet Aberdeen shop which is conveniently located on Schoolhill, the road between the exits and entrances of the Bon Accord Centre and the St Nicholas Shopping Mall. It is directly across from the gatehouse of St Nicholas Kirk and Graveyard - an apt location for fans of Gothic horror! If this sounds too scary there is the option of shopping online at the Forbidden Planet website at

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Along the way, he pairs up with fellow survivor Imogen. But she enjoys killing the living dead far too much. Will she kill Jason in her blood thirst? Or will she hinder his journey through this zombie filled dystopian landscape to find his pregnant wife?
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How To Get To Aberdeen Forbidden Planet Bookstore

Dr Who Cyberman Room Guard The nearest car park is the Bon Accord centre car park at Paul Street and from here there is an elevator or stairs into the ground floor of the Bon Accord Centre. Follow the signs to the exit going past Woolworths, WH Samuel and the Tie Rack. Once out of the centre turn right before the pedestrian crossing and the Forbidden Planet store is the third shop on the right. This is the best route for disabled shoppers or those with a buggy, pushchair or pram. There is one small step to negotiate into the Forbidden Planet Aberdeen store. There are two floors to the shop and because it is a lovely old building there is no lift. There are some really helpful staff though who won't mind in the least finding your gifts or items needed from the first floor.

To get to the Forbidden Planet from Aberdeen Union Street or from the Trinity Centre car park take the pedestrian crossing outside the Trinity Centre Mall and turn right and take an immediate left onto Belmont Street. Follow the road down to the end which brings you to Schoolhill. Cross the road and the Forbidden Planet Aberdeen shop is a small walk to the right. Can't miss it - look for the tombstones across the road!

Forbidden Planet Comics

Fans of superheroes will love the Forbidden Planet in Aberdeen because the ground floor is devoted to comic book heroes with collections from Batman, Superman, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Wonder Women, Electra, Blade, Ghost Rider, Hulk - well you get the idea - name a super hero or heroine and the store has it or can get hold of it. These collected book collections and graphic novels are on the right of the store whilst the latest editions of American import comics are to the left, next to the till and staff desk. Middle aisles have the latest merchandise from TV programmes and film science fiction fantasy.

Forbidden Planet Collectables

The staircase is a bit on the narrow side so do look up before starting the ascent so that you have a clear walk. There is usually room to pass other customers. It is worth the short climb because the upper floor is much larger and is like an Aladdin's treasure trove for Sci Fi fans. There is collectables, novels and merchandise to please most tastes including BBC TVs favourite Timelord Doctor Who, classic American science fiction series like Star Trek, teen vampire series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, crime dramas like C.S.I and TV fantasy mystery programme Lost.

Lost Survival Bag

The staff at Aberdeen Forbidden Planet are enthusiastic about their jobs and I don't think they really see their work as a job. Their advice is always spot on and their knowledge of science fiction, fantasy and super heroes would put Professor Dumbledore to shame! The store doesn't always stock the most popular items because they sell out soon after a delivery, though they will order and reserve items for you or tell you about ordering at the Forbidden Planet site at

They were most helpful in getting us a remote controlled Dalek when these were really popular in their first year of release and we couldn't get one anywhere in Aberdeen or the other shops in Scotland we had visited to get this coveted Christmas present. They certainly saved a few tears on Xmas Day and the whole family had fun exterminating and chasing the dog with it!

Forbidden Planet Clothing

Most fantasies can be fulfilled with the costume and helmets on sale which include Stormtroopers and Darth Vader from Star Wars and Cyber Helmets from the Cyberman of Doctor Who. Ardent fans can even buy t-shirts and hooded tops such as Lord of the Rings and the Foo Fighters. Our favourite nostalgic t-shirt is the Ghostbusters with the cute wee ghost sign on the front though the Nightmare Before Christmas T-shirts look tempting to wear though maybe not in Aberdeen during December! Better stick with a fashionable Batman or Superman motive t-shirt in the summer months.

Collectable Figurines

Model action figures and figurine collections include characters like Frodo and Gandalf from the Peter Jackson Lord of the Rings, everyone's favourite secret agent James Bond 007, and prop replicas from TV series and on screen films like Serenity, music groups like Gorillaz and cult classics like Alien.

Younger shoppers have their own section which includes merchandise from films like Harry Potter, Pirates Of The Caribbean and television programmes like The Simpsons.


There is a wide collection of roleplaying games and merchandise and card collectors of cards like Yu- gi- oh can get decks and booster packs. These seem to be the cheapest prices in Aberdeen, so my son a typical Aberdonian with long pockets and short arms tells me so it must be true!

Forbidden Planet Aberdeen Address Telephone Number and Website

Forbidden Planet Aberdeen
12-14 Schoolhill
AB10 1JX

Tel: (01224) 622131


History and Origins of the Forbidden Planet Bookshop

Forbidden Planet started as a one shop outfit in Denmark Street, London, England in 1979. Their range of science fiction, fantasy, television and horror books, games, videos, DVDs and merchandise was very popular and the company grew and soon opened several more London branches which included New Oxford Street and Shaftesbury Avenue. As sales grew smaller shops were opened throughout the United Kingdom, including here in Scotland. The Scottish Forbidden Planet shops were first named Forbidden Planet Scotland but are now known as Forbidden Planet International. Other UK branches include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Belfast, Dublin, Middlesbrough, Sheffield, Manchester, Cardiff, Nottingham, Leeds, Hanley, Leicester, Derby and Wolverhampton.

There are Forbidden Planet Associated stores in Liverpool and Birmingham.

Overseas Forbidden Planet shops include New York City in America. It is on Broadway near Union Square.

Forbidden Planet has become famed for attracting top celebrity book signing and events and meeting and talking with fans.

How Did The Forbidden Planet Bookshop Get Its Name

The Forbidden Planet Bookshop was named after the ground breaking science fiction film The Forbidden Planet (1956) which starred:
  • Walter Pidgeon as Dr. Edward Morbius
  • Anne Francis as Altaira Morbius
  • Leslie Nielsen as Commander John J. Adams
  • Jack Kelly as Lt. Jerry Farman
  • Warren Stevens as Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow
  • Frankie Darro as Robby the Robot
  • Marvin Miller as the voice of Robby the Robot
  • Earl Holliman as Ship's Cook James Dirocco
  • Richard Anderson as Quinn

The Director was Fred M. Wilcox and the film script was written by Irving Block and Allen Adler with Cyril Hulme.

The plot of the film was based on the play The Tempest by William Shakespeare and given a Science Fiction twist. It centres around a starship crew that goes through Space to investigate the mysterious silence of a planet's colony. When they land on the planet they find two survivors and one of them has a deadly secret.

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Aberdeen Lynne Golden Retriever

Have you seen my beautiful golden retriever Lynne out and about in Aberdeen? Ask her for a high-five! She's a Bravehound PTSD assistance dog, so we'll often be in shops, restaurants, and the cinema together.

We've written a book where I talk about growing up in Aberdeen and then joining the army to be a medic and nurse, and developing military Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I also talk about losing my son to suicide and the therapy I have had at Royal Cornhill Hospital and grief support groups in Aberdeen.

The author, Damien Lewis, said of Lynne:

"A powerful account of what one dog means to one man on his road to recovery. Both heart-warming and life-affirming. Bravo Chris and Lynne. Bravo Bravehound."


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