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Elliot Castro Other People's Money

Information about Eliot Castro from Aberdeen who stole from credit card companies and went on a luxury spending spree and lifestyle before being caught and going to prison. Upon release Elliot Castro wrote the book Other People's Money which will be made into a film:

Elliot Castro was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and grew up in the Logie area of Aberdeen with his father, Carlos, and mother Jane. He went to Kaimhill Primary School. At the age of seven he moved with his family to Chile before returning to Scotland where they lived in Glasgow.

Elliot Castro turned to a life of crime and defrauded an estimated £500,000 from credit cards over five years. During this time Elliot Castro exploited security flaws and weakness within the British banking and credit card industry to steal money to fund a luxurious spending spree. This took Elliot Castro round the world as he lead the high life in worldwide cities such as New York, Ibiza, Beverly Hills and even in the UK in London.

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Whilst Elliot Castro was enjoying the champagne lifestyle along with fine food, hotels and designer clothes the authorities were tracing him and his many aliases. Lies to friends and family soon tripped him over and the fantasy life Elliot had built up soon removed him from reality. Read his full story in the book co written with journalist and author Neil Forsyth and how a Detective from Heathrow Police Station traced this credit card fraudster who is often described as Britain's boldest credit card fraudster and Britain's most audacious fraudster.

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It seems that a life of crime can pay because at the age of twenty five years ElliotCastro sold the rights to his book Other People's Money to film producer Charles Steel whose last movie was the BAFTA award winning film The Last King of Scotland which starred the actors Forest Whitaker as Idi Amin and Scottish actor James McAvoy as Dr Nicholas Garrigan. The Last King of Scotland tells the story of Scots Doctor Nicholas Garrigan who works in a rural hospital in Uganda during the rule of President Idi Amin who was nicknamed The Last King of Scotland. Producer Charles Steel is currently making the film Poppy Shakespeare.

It is thought that Other People's Money by Elliot Castro could become a film much like the blockbuster movie Catch Me If you Can which starred Leonardo Di Caprio as the con artist and fraudster Frank Abagnale Jr. Other People's Money will be made by Cowboy Films and more information can be read at

Neil Forsyth

Other People's Money by Elliott Castro was co-written by the author Neil Forsyth who works as a freelance journalist for many leading newspapers and is the editor of the 2008 book Delete This At Your Peril - One Man's Fearless Exchanges with the Internet Spammers By Bob Servant. Read more about Neil Forsyth at his website

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