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Colin Angus - The Shamen


The Shamen Band were formed in 1986 by Colin Angus who comes from Cults in Aberdeen. He brought together members Peter Stephenson, Keith and Derek McKenzie. The band name came from Colin's interest in the mystical world of Shamanism.

The Shamen started as a Dark Indie Band then became known as a Psychedelic group and then moved into Acid House in 1988. In the 1990s they ventured into the Techno scene. The band then moved into the Hip Hop scene which caused Derek to leave the group. He was replaced by Will Sinott. The group moved into the Rave scene.

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Will Sinott died during a drowning accident on the 23rd of May 1990, just off the coast of Gomera in the Spanish Canary Islands, whilst the band was shooting a promotional video.

Richard West, known as MR.C and singer Jhelisa Anderson joined the band.

The Shamen stopped performing and recording in 1998.

MR.C left to run his London clubs The End and DJ's around the World.

Colin Angus continued to research his interests in the mystic and has travelled the World visiting temples and ruins.

Discography Of The Shamen

Albums released by The Shamen include:

In Gorbachev We Trust
Boss Drum
Hempton Manor
Different Drum
Hystericool: Best of the Alternate Mixes
Remix Collection
On Air - The BBC Sessions
Strange Day Dreams
Axis Mutatis

Top Singles Of The Shamen

Move Any Mountain - Progen 91
Destination Eschaton
Ebeneezer Goode (Reached Number one in the charts)

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