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Circus Aberdeen

Discounted tickets for the Circus Acts In Aberdeen 2019 including the Moscow State Circus Gostinista

Circus Extreme Aberdeen
Tickets now on sale for the July Circus Extreme.

Chinese State Circus Aberdeen

Moscow State Circus

The Moscow State Circus will perform their two hour show from Thursday 19th July to 5th August 2018 at the Queen's Links Beach Boulevard. Times are:

Monday to Saturday 3pm and 7:30pm
Sundays Noon and 3pm

The theme of this live action spectacular is Gostinista. This entertains you with their latest circus acts combined with the glitz and glamour of the 1930s hotel scene and a sparkle of Hollywood.

For the discounted tickets visit
Ticketmaster UK where there is a 2 for 1 ticket offer for early bookings.

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Going to the circus Aberdeen is great fun and many of the top acts come to the Queens Links grassed area. These are listed below, along with dates of their visits, programme details, acts and how to buy tickets.
Flying Trapeze

The 2018 summer holiday seems to be stretching longer, especially since the children have an extra week off. A great way to entertain the kids, and give them something to talk about for the remainder of the August holiday, is to take them to the Aberdeen Circus.

Moscow State Circus


High Wire Walker

Favourite acts include the juggling Sherbakovs on the reverse pyramid of St Petersburg, the Doktrovs flying and spiralling in the apex of the auditorium with grace, beauty and elegance, the unbelievable vertical pole balancing of The Alikanov and the high flying bouncing bamboo bravados of The Perushkins.

No Aberdeen circus would be complete without the clowns and their hilarious clowns are Valik & Valerik who will have you falling off your seats with laughter.

Unlike others they use a specially designed chapiteau big top which is uniquely domed to accommodate the complex rigging for the aerial acts. It is supported by only four king poles so as not to obscure the audience�s view. The theatre big top is climate controlled for the comfort of the audience for when the sun shines in Aberdeen.

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Tickets can also be purchased from the box office trailer during their time at the Queens Links, Beach Boulevard where 250 unreserved seats are allocated for every performance. There is seating available for over 1100. The box office opening hours are from 9am to 9pm and can also be purchased online via Ticket Master at

 Circus Tent

Facilities at this Russian Circus at Aberdeen Queen�s Links include an area to leave pushchairs (at owners own risk) and the opportunity to buy merchandise to remember your special day out such as a behind the scenes DVD, t-shirts and polo shirts as well as an extensive range of beautiful Russian dolls. Freshly cooked food includes hotdogs and burgers at reasonable prices as well as popcorn and candyfloss and a wide range of hot and cold drinks.

Toilets are situated just outside the tent and do involve climbing stairs. There is a disabled toilet which has a hydraulic lift which is operated by a member of staff.

There is plenty of free parking in the area and disabled parking can be found near to the Beach Ballroom or on the sea front. The ringside seats are on one level and are more suitable for disabled visitors whilst the deluxe grandstand seats and the grandstand seats involve stairs. The seats on the ringside and deluxe grandstand areas are plusher and padded whilst the higher grandstand seats are plastic.

If you are unable to get tickets then other Scottish tour locations include Paisley, Dundee, Inverness, Dunfermline and Elgin.

12 Chairs Circus Act

All these performers deserve equal praise with their extra ordinary talent. Indeed this Russian circus is ever so extra ordinary and unique. We would never have thought to have seen a skipping troupe perform in a circus. Having the Skakacki 9 skipping sensation group as one of the first acts was well thought out. Their infectious smiles and laughter kept us spellbound to their tricks and we could have watched their skipping for so much longer. Like any great act they left us wanting more of their individual skipping routines through to the group skipping using props like chairs and energetic bouncing along the stage. These lads and lassies really love their skipping and like all the acts they love their jobs and it truly shows. It is not just another performance to them: they love entertaining the crowds and when they smile at each other and the audience they really mean it. This is the lovely thing about watching them: they are a family of entertainers. For example Yulia and Sasha the high wire acrobats are a couple and met at the age of 15 at Moscow circus school where many of the performers trained. Others underwent their apprenticeship at St Petersburg Circus School. They continue their skills in-house with hours upon hours of intensive training: the jugglers perfected their hypnotizing acts after a gruelling eight hours of training day after day.

 Skipping Circus Act

As well as the smiles a special mention has to go to Yana Alieva the stunning hula hoop performer who ended her captivating high wire hula hooping with a cheeky wink to the audience which will have melted the hearts of all the males in the audience, leaving them feeling special. Almost as special as her act which culminating in dangling upside down 40ft high above the arena while hula hooping three steel hoops from her arms and legs.

 Hula Hoop High Wire

Early on the audience are invited onto the stage to assist with the antics of Valerik and Valik with a hilarious set of musical instruments. Their buffoonery continues with the most wonderful rabbit out of a hat trick we have ever witnessed even though it is an animal free performance. Even feeding their cat milk has the audience rolling with laughter in their seats. Just like no Aberdeen school holiday would be complete without a visit to the circus so too would it be incomplete without a clown fire and water thrown onto the audience � remember to duck if you have ringside seats! Valerik and Valik are so adorable that they can be forgiven any antics and audience members do not mind being the butt of their jokes.

There are some tender moments during the Russian circus, no more so than the elegance of the high air dancing between the beautiful couple Yulia and Sasha as they effortlessly glide above the big top. With their swish of silk, tender looks to each other and graceful movements they relax their audience leaving them spellbound to their routine.

The dancing theme continues with the Alikhanov wanderers perch pole balancing routine dressed in their eye catching white costume as they perfectly choreograph themselves through their set which not only takes place on the arena but simultaneously takes place high in the air as members are balanced on the heads of their fellow performers on high poles that keep the audience holding their breath.

Juggling may seem a routine act but the Cherbakovs take their act several stages further. Never before have we seen three jugglers perform together whilst being spun around the arena as they effortlessly juggle their clubs at great speeds across the large arena even before their partner got there.

After the interval the audience were plunged straight back into breath taking performances with the Stalkers high wire walkers. They are named after the Russian guide that leads people through rural areas ruined by buildings and where the normal laws of physics do not apply. The high wire act is a tradition of circus performers and the Stalkers are leap years ahead of their competition. The highlight is their act that has never been performed in the UK before and is even a first worldwide. Sixteen year old Kristina climbs to the very top of the big top and performs the splits by just balancing on the foreheads of the two lads. Her ability has no limits and she is now practicing to perform a handstand at this height on the group heads for the performance. The skills and balance of the Stalkers are so fearless that the men do not wear safety wires and can negotiate the high wire, squat down and even lie down fully across the high wire whilst being walked over by each other.

After all that excitement there is the gentle act from Pavel and Elena as they perform the Bamboo Tree act and bamboo manipulations. The Perushkins act may seem slower paced but the audience are still left holding their breath as Pavel propels Elena while balanced upside down and catches her with just one arm time after time as she spins 360 degrees.

Leading up to the grand finale the audience now get to see all the 12 chairs as Sasha demonstrates his strength by standing upside down on the chairs with one arm. Adding an extra twist to this impressive act he builds a tower of chairs so that he can reach the last chair dangling high above. He stops to rest by doing a one armed handstand between chairs!

 Circus Performer Balancing On Chair

Leaving the audience on a high we learn the outcome of the treasure hunt by Valerik and Valik and this is celebrated by the Rubtsov Acrobats flying jesters who perform a non-stop fast paced action acrobatic display of leaps, twists and turns in mid-air. This final act is such a visual treat with their colourful costumes and rapid leaping and bounding around the arena.

 Circus Acrobat

During the grand finale the audience has the opportunity to applaud and cheer all the acts who come out for a well-deserved final bow and they are still smiling at each other and the audience allowing the public to take home their charm. It is great entertainment for all the family and will entertain children during the long summer holiday and keep them talking about the unique story of Babushkin Sekret and the captivating performers. If you only do one thing this summer make sure you take your loved ones to the Moscow State Circus for a lasting delightful memory they will treasure for years.

 Circus Big Top

More Aberdeen Events.

The following photos were taken during 2011. This photograph is of brave Russian lass Kristina Adrova performing the high wire splints. This daring high wire act was the first performance in the UK of a circus act performing the splits over the heads of two wire walkers at a height of nine metres.

High Wire Splits

The juggling act were the Scherbakovs who performed an outstanding group juggling act on revolving platforms.

Circus Juggler

We had a fun afternoon at the 2012 Aberdeen Netherlands National Circus and can highly recommend a visit for all the family. From the start we were enchanted by Angelo the adorable clown dressed in tartan waistcoat and bunnet who quickly grasped the audience attention and captivated them throughout the two hour performances. Angelo is a mostly silent clown and communicates effectively through mime and a clever use of a whistle. Even when he shows us his tears of the clown we still love Angelo, especially when he mingles with the audience demonstrating clever tricks with his popcorn.

Circus Clown

Like most they will have you clapping, shouting and laughing with joy. There are many gasp out loud moments, right from the beginning when Miss Caroline, the aerial beauty, performs gravity defying stunts which leave the crowd wondering how does she do that? Especially the neck spin she performs from the top to the bottom of the arena.

It is a gentle and ever so child friendly. Do try and get there early to not only to get a parking space close to this popular event, but also to enjoy the pre-circus entertainment which ranges from a raffle to win the large cuddly toys in the arena through to getting a photograph taken with giant Minnie and Mickey Mouse characters. Do try the delicious Dutch pancakes with a range of toppings: AboutAberdeen loved the chocolate topping which rounded off our hot dog treat nicely.

The entertainment starts with an introduction of the cast taking turns to perform skipping tricks around the arena. The acts are an International mix which brings a range of worldwide talent for your enjoyment. This includes an African calypso act who takes turns performing tricks under a burning bar to gasps from the audience as the flaming bar is lowered. The Cretzu Troupe from Romania goes to the other extreme and leap backwards from springboards onto each other�s shoulders.

The wonderful thing about these acts are that the acts are always smiling, clapping and whistling � they really enjoy their performance which touches the audience�s hearts. There is even the chance to meet, chat and get autographs of the performers in a special page of the book: something unique to this.

Some circuses need a ringmaster to introduce acts and to distract the audience whilst the props and safety equipment are set up. They have the delightful Angelo whose clowning antics not only distract but delight the audience with his foolery the best of which was getting audience members to perform in a skipping comedy act to the tune of the Benny Hill show and then film a silent movie scene. This live music from the talented band above the arena acts as an introduction to the next act and helps build up the drama of the circus. For example during the rola-rola act by David Robert a mission impossible mix up was played as his balance act got higher and higher.

The favourite acts of the AboutAberdeen team was the mesmerizing giant yoyo type act Diablo which uses glow in the dark props to spin around the arena using two sticks and rope. Silence fell upon the audience as all eyes were fixed on the spinning giant yoyos as they got faster and faster. We also loved the hand balancing act of the beautiful Desiree whose strength and poise is spellbinding. Her grand finale is standing upside down on one hand and shooting an arrow through a balloon using her feet. Well worth the price of the circus ticket alone just to see this incredible act.

Circus Act Shooting Arrow Upsidedown

None would be complete without a flying trapeze and they do not disappoint. The Flying Aces from Australia perform right at the peak of the Big Top as they effortlessly swing, somersault and fly through the air to be caught by their swinging partner.

Continental Circus Berlin

The grand finale gives the audience a chance to thank each of the acts for their wonderful performances as they parade around the arena with their country flags.

Peterhead Circus

Netherlands National Circus

Clowns playing saxophones
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