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Bonnie Prince Charlie Ghost

Information about the ghost and hauntings by Bonnie Prince Charlie at the Salutation Hotel in Perth:

Bonnie Prince Charlie was Charles Edward Stuart and was called The Young Pretender. He was the leader of the 1745 Jacobite Uprising. He escaped from the Battle of Culloden and lived out his life first in France and then in Rome. He never returned to Scotland whilst alive, but in death his ghost has haunted his favourite Scottish hotel.

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Salutation Hotel Ghost

The Salutation Hotel in Perth has been providing accommodation since 1699. In September 1745 Bonnie Prince Charlie marched from the Island of Eriskay across mainland Scotland. He used the Salutation Hotel in Perth as his headquarters. He must now think that his campaign to be King of Scotland is not finished because he has become the Salutation Hotel ghost. It is said that the Bonnie Prince Charlie ghost haunts the bedroom that he used.

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