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Big Grey Man

History and sightings of the big grey man on Ben Macdhui on The Cairngorm Mountains known locally as Am Fear Liath Mor which is thought to be a Nephilim

A big grey man is said to haunt Ben Macdhui which is the second highest mountain in Scotland, standing at 4,296 feet, and is haunted by this giant. Its Gaelic name is Am Fear Liath Mor.

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ben macdhui

Ben Macdhu

The presence of the Big Grey Man Ben Macdhui was first felt in 1890 by Professor John Norman Collie, though he did not publicly tell his story until 1925 at the annual dinner of the Cairngorm Club where he was the honorary president. He did not see the ghost, but heard frightening crunching footsteps approach him. This was enough to terrify him to never return to the Grampian mountain alone, even though he was an experienced climber.

Other climbers have heard the terrifying footsteps and crunching sounds said to be made by it and one army climber saw a strange image charge at him. He fired shots at the image, but nothing was found. This account can be read in Ghosthunter: Adventures in the Afterlife.

The extreme weather conditions on the mountains are thought by some to cause the strange phenomena.

It is thought that it may be similar to something that haunts Creag-an-aibhse (The Rock of the Ghost) near Braemar that comes out after sunset and disappears at sunrise. It appears as a large, black, shapeless image which cries out and throws stones and rolls large boulders.

Tom Robertson

Tom Robertson gives an account of his encounter with it in Ghosthunter: Adventures in the Afterlife when he and his friend, Derek Mari, went climbing and camping in the Cairngorms. This included hearing heavy footsteps, grunting, seeing a huge shadow and being attacked whilst in their tent. A photo of what Tom Robertson considers the footstep of the Big Grey Man Ben Macdhui can be seen in his book.

Both men had the same recurrent dream upon their return home and this involved the word Nephilim which Tom Robertson later researched as wither a fallen angel or offspring of an angel and earth woman. He wonders if the Am Fear Liath Mor is a Nephilim

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