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Aberdeen Photographs

Collection of Aberdeen Photographs from About Aberdeen photos:

We hope these Aberdeen photographs show off our beautiful city. Please also visit our Site Map for specific photos of Aberdeen. If you would like to see certain ones added to this page or throughout our site then please contact me and we will be happy to take them for your enjoyment. Please also use the link to contact me if you have any you would like to contribute.

Here are some of our favourite Aberdeen images:

This is my beloved black dog enjoying a walk along Aberdeen Beach after enjoying a swim in the North Sea.

Black Dog Walking Beach Sea

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These are of the graveyard at St Macharís Cathedral in the area known as Old Aberdeen. They are some of the oldest graves in the city. See more on the Old Aberdeen page.

Old Graveyard

Old Aberdeen Graveyard

Old Graveyard

Old Aberdeen Graveyard

Can you please help a former Aberdonian locate her childhood home so that About Aberdeen can take photos for her? Please like and share on the social media buttons below so that more people can help. Thank you:

ďAs a child I lived in Aberdeen in an old house called Kirkton House. It was a big stone house that connected to an old cemetery right outside of the city. My sister went to the American school but I went to a small two room school house in the country. I also remember strolling down a long pathway by the river where there were hundreds of daffodils. I would like to find pictures of these places. My best friendís parents owned the mail house in that small area we lived and I am trying to put memories together.

It used to be a boarding school for girls and set behind it was a graveyard and abandoned church. It is in the country right on the outskirts of Aberdeen. I remember it having a very steep driveway to get onto the property and it sits next to a field where a big farm is in the back drop. Maybe it was a dairy farm? As you leave out of the driveway and turn right you go to a stop sign. I remember at the stop you can look across the street and see those daffodils lined all along these long black concrete walkway near river water which may be Dundee river where I used to walk. If you turned right you head into Aberdeen. My sister went to the American school in town. But I went to the 5 room Scottish school in the country setting a mile or so from the house. My best friendís parents owned the local mail house. So many years ago.Ē

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This view of a bend of the River Don was taken at Seaton Park Aberdeen and the second of these shows a close up of the fast flowing river.

Bend in River

Fast Flowing River

Aberdeen Photo

This Aberdeen photo captures two of our favourite places, His Majesty's Theatre and Union Terrace Gardens.

Lighthouse Photograph

One of the most iconic images of Aberdeen is the Girdleness Lighthouse.

cruden bay photo

This Cruden Bay photo is of a painting on a wall.

Aberdeen Castle

The nearest Aberdeen Castle is the beautiful Crathes Castle in Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire.

Sailing Peterhead Lido

A visit to the Peterhead Lido beach on a sunny day can always guarantee the sailing club out on the water and is a great Aberdeenshire photo opportunity.

Dog at Beach

Here's a black dog enjoying a run on Fraserburgh beach near to Rattray Head Lighthouse.

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