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The Little Book of Scottish Wit and Wisdom

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This rare to find book is packed full of little Scottish sayings and proverbs such as:

"Dinna open yer mou tae fill ither fowks." Which translates to beware of gossiping.

The author, Betty Kirkpatrick, has gathered together many of Scotland's best philosophers, wits (and wags!), statesmen, poets and writers and their best sayings. As can be expected from Scot's people the book is crammed with direct sayings and common sense.

The book is small enough to fit into a pocket and read in a spare moment.

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The sayings are split into sections of health, food, weather, money, silence, truth and words. For example from the health section is the phrase:

"A cauld needs the cook as muckle as the doctor." This translates to Nutritious food can cure a cold effectively as medicine.

Scottish Quotations

There are also Scottish quotations from famous Scots such as Robert Burns, Robert Louis Stevenson, Margaret Oliphant, Sir Walter Scott, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, David Livingstone, Sir Alexander Fleming, Andrew Carnegie, John Buchan, J.M. Barrie, John Logie Baird, Lady Frances Balfour and more.

To aid the reader in understanding some of the older or less used Scottish words a glossary of words with their English meanings is included.

Biography about Betty Kirkpatrick.

Purchase The Little Book of Scottish Wit and Wisdom with free delivery available.

The Little Book of Scottish Wit and Wisdom was first published in 2001 by Michael O'Mara Books Limited, 9 Lion Yard, Tremadoc Road, London, SW4 7NQ.

ISBN 1-85479-826-X

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