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Monymusk Castle, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland - History and Ghosts

The History Of Monymusk Castle

Monymusk Castle is a 16th Century Tower House. It was originally owned by the Priory of Monymusk. The casket which contained the relics of Saint Columbia, the Monymusk Reliquary, was kept at the Priory. At Bannockburn, in the year 1314, the Reliquary was carried by the Scottish Army during the battle. The Monymusk Reliquary is now stored at the National Museum of Scotland.

After the Reformation the Castle and lands was owned by the Forbes family and then passed onto the Grant family in 1711.

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The Ghosts Of Monymusk Castle

Monymusk Castle is inhabited by several ghosts:

The library is haunted by a man reading the books. When the spirit is approached he vanishes.

A Grey Lady phantom appears in the nursery. It comes out of the cupboard and appears to be checking on any children who are sleeping there.

A red haired ghost in a kilt has been nicknamed The Party Ghost because it appears during parties where he mingles amongst the guests. The same spirit is thought to be responsible for the loud sounds of merriment and footsteps on the stairs when no-one else is in the Castle.

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