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Driveblind are a group of musicians from Aberdeen and Grampian. They formed their band in the year 2000 and played at venues throughout the North East of Scotland and other Scottish gigs such as in Glasgow. National live performances soon followed, including London.

Driveblind played live at the Gig on the Green festival in 2002.

In 2003 they travelled to America where they performed shows in cities such as Los Angeles and New York. They played a set at The Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood which led to a record signing deal with the company A&M records from their President, Ron Fair.

The band also supported Candlebox, touring 51 venues across America.

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Driveblind Album

In 2005 they recorded their debut album with British producer Mike Hedges and this was released on the 24 October 2006. Buy It Now or read more information about the album or listen to some of the tracks.

Driveblind Track Listings

1. Silhouette
2. Leave Home (Save Yourself)
3. Raised at Midnight
4. Light Sleeper
5. Tell Me
6. Fool Rides Again
7. Guide My Hand
8. I Know You
9. Clearer Now
10. All I Want
11. I See It All
12. Autumn Red

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Driveblind USA

Driveblind moved to the USA in 2004 and set up home in Hollywood before moving to Southern California.

In 2005 they took part in the Bruce Willis Foundation charity concert which helped raise funds for children charities and good causes.

The loons haven't forgotten their Aberdonian roots and returned on the 30th December to play live at The Merc Bar in Ellon.

In Christmas 2007 Driveblind band returned to Aberdeen to perform at the Aberdeen Moshulu Nightclub on Friday 21 December 2007. Driveblind performed tracks from their new EP The Future You Were Promised which will be released in February 2008.

Members of Driveblind

Terry McDermott - Vocalist (from Ellon)
Nick Tyler - Lead Guitar and Vocals (from Ellon, Aberdeenshie)
Cameron Taylor - Acoustic Guitar and Vocals (from Alford, Aberdeenshire)
Jack Morrice - Bass Guitarist (from Hazlehead, Aberdeen)
Dave Nicholson - Keyboard Player (from Aberdeen)
Dave McKay - Drummer (from Ellon)

Driveblind Documentary

In 2008 a film company filmed a Driveblind documentary about their time in America. The Driveblind documentary will be shown in Aberdeen at a later date to show their Granite City fans what the group have achieved in the USA. This includes fly on the wall style documentaries, the filming of an American Driveblind concert and interviews with the band members. The producers of the Driveblind documentary are Calum Youngson and David Sheret. Several of the new songs by Driveblind that are on their new album The Future You Were Promised will feature in the Driveblind documentary.

Contact Details of Driveblind

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