Braemar Highland Games

Information about the Braemar Highland Games and Braemar Gathering in Royal Deeside Aberdeenshire

Braemar Highland Games is known as the Braemar Gathering and takes place on the first Saturday in September. The Braemar Gathering is usually the last Highland Games to take place in Aberdeenshire and starts at 9:30am and finishes at 5pm. The Patron of the Braemar Gathering is Her Majesty The Queen who attends each year with her husband the Duke of Edinburgh along with their children and other Royals such as Prince Charles the Prince of Wales who attends with his wife Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall. Members of the Royal Family have been attending the Braemar Highland Games since the year 1848 and sit in the special Royal Pavilion. In recent years the Prime Minister and spouse visit the Braemar Gathering.

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Events at the Royal Deeside Braemar Highland Games include tossing the caber, putting the stone, throwing the hammer, relay races, tug of war, hill race up Morrone, children's sack race, long leap, piping, massed pipe bands and highland dancing.

In addition to Aberdeenshire and Scottish teams at the Braemar Highland Gathering there are also entrants from HM Forces and this includes the popular event the inter services tug of war championship and the services medley relay race.

The Braemar Highland Games have been run by the Braemar Royal Highland Society (BRHS) since the year 1832 and they have continued a centuries old tradition of Gatherings in Braemar. In 2002 they became the BRHG Ltd. There is more about the history of the Braemar Highland Games at the BraemarGathering website of which includes the fondness of Queen Victoria for the Royal Deeside Braemar Highland Gathering and the support she has bestowed upon the Society over the years and how she ordered the use of the Royal title. The Braemar Gathering is Scotland's oldest Highland Gatherings and remains the most popular and largest Gathering and Highland Game.

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To buy tickets to the Braemar Gathering visit the site for the latest tickets and seat prices. Theses can be purchased online and it is advisable to purchase tickets to the Braemar Highland Games as early as possible due to their high demand. The 2007 Braemar Gathering attracted 17,000 visitors.

For more information about the Royal Deeside Braemar Highland Games visit the official BraemarGathering site at

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